Activities to Reach Africa


The general objective of the WEO ARA (Activities to Reach Africa) Project Ad-Hoc Committee is to establish a gastrointestinal endoscopic skill transfer program in partnership with collaborating institutions on the African continent.


Two of the main objectives of WEO are:

  • to develop and implement quality education in digestive endoscopy and
  • to increase access and knowledge of endoscopy in underserved areas of the world

The long-standing Outreach committee of WEO has had this focus for years, but at the entry of Prof. Fabian Emura as new president of WEO, the focus on colleagues in Africa was further underlined by the establishment of the Activities to Reach Africa (ARA) project, with a specific ad hoc committee chaired by Lars Aabakken and Kulwinder Dua. The mission of the committee is to place additional emphasis on various activities to support this region, where a number of factors are missing to allow for sufficient and sufficiently good GI endoscopy. Details can be read in the committee Terms of Reference.

We want to develop this part of the WEO website into a resource and communication hub for this work, to offer resources, to connect people, and the offer updates on current and planned activities of the committee.The WEO ARA (Activities to Reach Africa) Project Ad-Hoc Committee supports and develops quality endoscopy in underserved areas in Africa, through teaching, mentoring and research by a group of international experts.

Committee Co-Chairs

Photos from past activities in Africa: