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WISE Application

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WEO Individual Membership

Please include the following documentation in electronic format only (MS Word or PDF format, maximum file size: 1.5Mb).
Be sure to upload the document to be attached before submitting your application.

Fields marked * must be filled in.

On submitting the form, please be aware that uploading large files can take several minutes.
To reduce such delays we suggest that you keep the size of your documents as small as possible.

  • All selected applicants must pay a deposit of USD500 to WEO in order to secure a training slot. 
  • The deposit will be refunded in full to all applicants who participate in all FIVE online modules as well as the online EUS Summit 2022.
  • No partial deposit refund will be made.
  • Applicants are also responsible for the respective bank charges where applicable.
  • IMPORTANT: All applicants must submit a self-introductory 1-2 minute video introducing yourself and why you would like to join the WISE 2022 program. The video, named after your surname, should be uploaded as follows:

By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions set by WEO with regards to the WEO International School of EUS (WISE) course 2022.
Terms and conditions are found on the WEO website.
WEO reserves the right to make any changes and/or amendments without any prior notice.

For any questions, please write to secretariat@worldendo.org