Program for Endoscopic Teachers (PET)

A train-the-trainers course designed for leaders of endoscopic training program.

PET is a program of up to two days designed to impart skills necessary for teachers in digestive endoscopy worldwide. The focus is both on organizational, structural issues for training programs and on the principles and techniques which lead to excellence in individual endoscopy teaching skill. Program includes didactic presentations, large and small breakout group discussions, and hands on instruction on use of simulators for teaching endoscopy.

PET image

Over time, WEO has developed four formats for PET courses. Future PET organizers may draw upon content from past programs of each of these formats:

  • PET Classic: 1½ days, course includes lectures, large group discussion sessions, hands-on, and breakout sessions
  • Mini PET: 1 day, this course can be integrated into conferences. Hands-on sessions will usually be substituted by demonstration of teaching on models and/or discussion of per-recorded video of teaching on real procedures or simulators. Break-out sessions will usually not be included
  • Micro PET: ½ day, this course can be integrated into conferences, or other courses. This course will include lectures and discussions only, but may utilize per-recorded video of teaching on cases or models.
  • PET 2.0: Similar to PET Classic, the program will have stronger focus on high level analysis of teaching exercises. This will incorporate a number of small group and interactive activities and rely much less on didactic lecture. This version emphasizes individual teaching skill development over training program structure and organization.

PET focuses on didactic skills “how to teach endoscopy”: specific skills for the teacher, how to be more effective at addressing various levels of fellowship, integrating technical and cognitive knowledge, what materials need to be learned by students and how to select trained doctors as teachers who will participate and enhance the ability of the trainee to learn endoscopy in all of its aspects.

Attendees will include approximately 30 qualified medical doctors and/or surgeons who practice and teach digestive endoscopy. It is encouraged to invite attendees who are proficient in English, although this may not always be possible.

Faculty is usually comprised of 4-6 international and 3-5 local experts. International faculty is suggested by the program director and chosen in close communication with the local host.

WEO program director together with the local course director discuss program topic and timing. It is possible to sample attendees prior to the course to accommodate for local needs.

PET coordinator
Jerome D. Waye (USA)
PET Program Director
Jonathan Cohen (USA)
PET Co-Director
Douglas O. Faigel (USA)

PET courses are traditionally held in English, simultaneous translation can be incorporated if seen beneficial.

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